Calvinism and Arminianism: Myths and Realities ()

David De Bruyn, September 29, 2017
Part of the Miscellaneous series.

The terms 'Calvinism' and 'Arminianism' are thrown around like insults. But what do they actually mean? What do these systems teach? Instead of perpetuating myths and gossip surrounding these words, we would all do well to understand the differences between the systems, and to better articulate where we land on these matters. In this free booklet, David de Bruyn explains the spectrum of positions, what constitutes the true dividing line between positions, and what questions every Christian must answer to understand the doctrines that are being debated.

Tags: Arminianism, biblicism, Calvinism, doctrines of grace, effectual call, election, eternal security, foreknowledge, irresistible grace, perseverance, sovereignty of God, TULIP

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