Bible Perspective is a radio programme presented by David de Bruyn, and produced and broadcast by Radio Pulpit. The programme has been on the air since November 2001, and is broadcast at Sunday 7:30 a.m., and repeated at the following times: Sunday 19:30, Monday 1:00 a.m., Saturday 1:00a.m. and 13:00.

Bible Perspective seeks to cover a wide range of topics, always rooted in a sound exposition of Scripture. Since Scripture has the final word, we ought to gain our perspective on life through the lens of Scripture.

This website will, when complete, provide the full, unedited transcripts of the programmes broadcast on Radio Pulpit. Sometimes the transcripts differ from the recorded or broadcast programmes due to length, final control edits, or other reasons.

About David

David is a a born-and-bred Johannesburger, where he and his family reside. He is married with three children.

David received a Diploma in Media Studies (majoring in Radio Broadcasting) from Rand Afrikaans University (now University of Johannesburg). His received his B.Th.(Hons.) from the South African Theological Seminary, and his Master’s Degree from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minnesota, U.S.A. He obtained his Doctorate in Theology (Christian Spirituality) through the University of South Africa.

He has pastored New Covenant Baptist Church since 2003, serves as an itinerant speaker and conference speaker, and is also one of the lecturers at Shepherds Seminary Africa.  Links to some of his books can be found on the resource page.

David describes his theological convictions with several “c‘s”: Christian, credobaptist, compatibilist, cessationist, complementarian, creationist, conservative, and chiliast.