Audio copies of Bible Perspective programmes can be ordered directly from Radio Pulpit at (012) 334 1200.


David has written four books, and co-authored one, that can be ordered through Amazon, or other online bookstores.


 The_Conservative_Chu_  The Conservative Church  Print Version  Kindle e-book version
ACCD  A Conservative Christian Declaration Print Version  Kindle e-book version
Save Them From Secularism2 Save Them From Secularism Print version Kindle E-book version
recovering-intentional-worship Recovering Intentional Worship Print Version Kindle E-book version
The Mirror Who Wanted To Be Someone Print Version Kindle E-book version


David sometimes writes online at Churches Without Chests and at Religious Affections Ministries.


The publications below are free and can be downloaded in PDF format.

Calvinism and Arminianism: Myths and Realities. 

Calvinism and Arminianism are thrown around like insults. But what do they actually mean?  What do these systems teach?

Download here.


A believer and an unbeliever have an extended dialogue about life, God, good and evil and Christ.

Download here.