Audio copies of Bible Perspective programmes can be ordered directly from Radio Pulpit at (012) 334 1200, or downloaded from their podcast page.


David has written five books, and co-authored one, that can be ordered through Amazon, or other online bookstores.

The War on Words Print Version Kindle e-book version
 The Conservative Church  Print Version  Kindle e-book version
ACCD  A Conservative Christian Declaration Print Version  Kindle e-book version
Save Them From Secularism2 Save Them From Secularism Print version Kindle E-book version
recovering-intentional-worship Recovering Intentional Worship Print Version Kindle E-book version
The Mirror Who Wanted To Be Someone Print Version Kindle E-book version

Journal Articles

“Jonathan Edwards’s Synthesis of Definitions of Beauty”, Artistic Theologian 8 (2020):75- 98

“In Support of Seminaries That Aren’t Practical” Kerussomen 5.1 (2019)

Magazine Articles

Frontline Magazine

“The Ethics of Reproductive Technologies”

“Multiculturalism and the Local Church”

“The Meaning of Beauty”

“The Story of beauty in Church History”


David writes online at Churches Without Chests and at G3 Ministries.


The publications below are free and can be downloaded in PDF format.

Calvinism and Arminianism: Myths and Realities. 

Calvinism and Arminianism are thrown around like insults. But what do they actually mean?  What do these systems teach?

Download here.


A believer and an unbeliever have an extended dialogue about life, God, good and evil and Christ.

Download here.